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Diamaond core ?

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  • Diamaond core ?

    hey , dreaming of upgrading 120 v to 220v mig.
    Is the Lincoln diamond core the next best thing?
    I dont mean to stir up any hating on the red machine , but the brochures look cool.

    too cold to be in garage.....

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    Is the 180T the model you are looking at?? At the price, I'd go for a HH187...but, in the end, the choice is all yours! Lincoln makes good welders. Hobart makes great welders. You won't go wrong either way...
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      Such small changes mainly intended to be used in marketing, I dont think it means squat.


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        The only unit I've ran with the Diamond Core choke design is the PM 180C. The 180C is definitely a nice unit. Admittedly though, I tend to slightly prefer my HH 187 or a HH 210 over my PM 180C. All three produce very good arc characteristics. My two main reasons for liking the Hobart units a touch better is the fact that weld puddle wets out a little better with the Hobarts, and both Hobart units offer more top end power, then the PM 180C, for solid wire applications.
        MigMaster 250- Smooth arc with a good touch of softness to it. Good weld puddle wetout. Light spatter producer.
        Ironman 230 - Soft arc with a touch of agressiveness to it. Very good weld puddle wet out. Light spatter producer.

        PM 180C

        HH 125 EZ - impressive little fluxcore only unit