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what kind of generator for my 120v mig??

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  • what kind of generator for my 120v mig??

    I have a craftsman 120 volt mig welder and want to get a generator for more portability. my question is what size should i get? i will need it later next year for a fence I will have to weld up for a friend. I have seen some on harbor freight's website with robin engines so they seem pretty decent quality. i dunno. Thanks!!
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    The problem with the cheap ones HF or other is the gen head itself. As to size I'd say a 3500 running watt should do you but more is better right ? Plus it is hard to find a 3500 watt gen with 20 am breakers on it.....a 5500 would be a nice addition as you can run power to your house in case of an outage etc.....
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      A 5500 watt, 20 amp gen set might not be enough either. Mine doesn't like running a 110V machine at all. It runs the HH187 just fine, but with my 105 amp 110V machine, the engine speed and welder arc get into a rhythmical overrun/bogging thing. The 110 just puts too much of a load on the engine with it just about maxed out, but the 187 runs smooth as can be.