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gas convesion ?

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  • gas convesion ?

    new to site and have mostly stick experience. was given a miller cricket,(older model), that will be good enough to get used to wire feed welding until i hit the lottery. question is, can it be converted to gas? i know that you need tank and regulator, but, how is the gas run through the gun? do you change the gun or the whole gun and liner assembly? would be using the gas mostly for light autobody repairs. thanks for any helpo, pete.

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    Gas from solenoid valve goes to fitting on wire feeder. MIG electrode lead plugs through front sheet metal into wire feeder and end of electrode lead has small hole on side of brass cylinder that plugs into wire feeder so gas flows into electrode lead. O-rings in grooves around cylinder on ether side of hole prevent leaks at electrode lead to gas feeder joint.

    If your wire feeder has gas hose barb and welder end of electrode lead has gas hole between 2 O-ring grooves should be easy to adapt to use with shielding gas. Gas solenoid operated by same same low voltage source that powers wire feeder.


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      Buy gas solenoid, regulator and hose in kit for welder that has this option. Solenoid mounts in hole in rear of welder. No hole drill one.