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  • 030 Wire suggestions.

    I sold my HH175 the other day and threw in the nearly full spool of 030 wire that was loaded in it at the time.
    I currently have an 8" 023 roll of Esab EZgrind, and an 8" 035 "italian made" HF spool.

    Any suggestions as to a 030 spool to purchase?

    I hate to add that the Italian HF 035 works pretty well - at least to my inexperienced eyes, and it is only something like $25. Are the "good" spools really noticeably better?
    If so, in what way?

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    I'm pretty happy with the wire HTP sells on eBay. They do a two-fer deal on two ten lb spools and even after shipping it's cheaper than most. But I like the way the wire runs, and I like that it's precision level-wound rather than being one big old birds nest on the spool like some I've bought.
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      HB-28 in your HH-210. The reason??? It works the best from all the different brands on solid wire I tried in it. Still most wire brands work well in that machine. I have not tried the Italian stuff unless the HB-28 is from there. I guess I just like the way the weld bead looks and has very little spatter to it.
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        You are not the first to report favorable results with the HF wire! DDA steered me to Pinnacle, and its a very good MIG wire. It goes for just under $25.00 for an 11 pound spool at a local Welder's Supply (3D in San Marcos, Tx.).
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          Please report on where you buy your particular wire also.

          2 Smith Airline outfits, 2 Harris 50s,2 W200s ,J27, Meco Midget and Dillon
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            I have had good luck with Hobart Weld-It wire in the 8" spools.


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              I've been running a roll of .030 Hobart wire recently, and it has performed very well. Hobart's .030 HB-28 is a nice running wire too.

              I have a couple rolls of the HTP and Pinnacle wire. Both produce a nice clean arc; however, neither compare to the Hobart or Hobart HB-28 in the area of weld puddle wet out. The Hobart wires are both a little better in this area.

              Lincoln's L-56 is one wire I steer clear from at this point. The last two rolls I 've tried produce an inconsistent arc.

              I was liking what I was seeing from ESAB's Spool Arc 86; however, the copper coating on the roll I have change color half way through the roll. Since this occured, the wire runs very similar to the last two rolls of L-56 that I've tried.
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