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MIG Gun Connection for Lincoln LN-7

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  • MIG Gun Connection for Lincoln LN-7

    Hello, new to the forum and I need some help from you. I have an older (1986/87) Lincoln LN-7 wire feeder that did not come with a MIG Gun. I'm trying to determine what style connection I need to look for in a new gun to make sure it's compatible with my feeder. Have the styles changed over the years? Is there particular nomenclature for different styles? Is a Lincoln connection standard across the board?

    In very non-technical terms, the connection on my feeder is approximately 5/8" in diameter and 1-3/4" deep, with a small gas port feeding into the connection about 1/4" from the outer edge.

    Is this gun listed on eBay compatible?

    Any help you can offer is appreciated! David

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    I suggest you find a dealer online for the Bernard guns, then see if that model # is listed to fit your unit.
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      From the information I'm able to research, the gun does fit Lincoln welders and wire feeders, including the LN-7..........just not sure if the connection has changed over the years or if my 20 year old connection is the same as the current models.

      Thanks! David


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        Does Lincoln list the same gun for yours as for later models?? I went to the Bernard site, and it just has "Lincoln", and does not break it down year or model. For $50.00, I'd take the can probably always sell it off for what you paid...but I'd get him to tell the shipping price first...some really gouge you for "Packing and Handling" and try to make extra money there.
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          Most new Lincoln all in one wirefeeders take a Tweco 2 backend. Your LN7 will take the Lincoln back-end which is a different setup.
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            Your discription makes me think there is an adapter already attached to your feeder. Lincoln LN-7 has never changed the gun connection in its entire production . The gas connection is a seperate fitting comming out of the side of the gun connection and connected to a hose that fits to the gas outlet on the front of the feeder. A picture would be a big help.