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Got the HH210 - I miss the "puge"!

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    Originally posted by Hobart Expert Darrell View Post
    This gives the customer the opportunity to utilize the system components in more applications (e.g. - steel and aluminum applications) rather than havings redundant components with their associated redundant costs.
    Darrell, I realize that making HH210 as it is now, probably, was a well calculated compromise. Not the best, but a workable solution. It would be just very interesting for me to know how much the proposed improvement would increase the production cost of the machine. Not even in $$ value, but percentage wise.

    As for the control boxes, along with some convenience, they bring a degree of annoyance. First, because of the migration of wire speed control location; second, because none of the HH units has a provision for the control box operation with welder door closed. The latter would be an easy thing to implement, I guess.
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      I find a bigger annoyance is paying thousands for a aluminum welding setup and not have it weld as nice as the Lowly Hobart 210. Goes for Mild steel too.
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        Yeah, as good as it welds alu, I won't complain at all about having to swap out the gun for the spool gun. Some things are worth a little effort.

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