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HH180 and Generator size

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  • HH180 and Generator size

    i seen somewhere in here someone had a Generac 5000XL generator onto a hh180, so my question is where can you get that generator so i can do the same? Is Generac a manufacturer or a company name? What type of wattage is it? 5000 watts? I was always told it takes 30 amps of 220v=6600 watts, i don't understand,please help if possible. Mike

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    My 180 does just fine off my 5,000 watt gen.


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      generator 4 hh180

      thank u i am vince for your answer and do u happen 2 know what make generator that isnt too expensive is a good one for that.


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        I would buy a welder generator. cost you about the same amount of money for a good 5000 watt gen. as it would lets say a miller 185 gas driven or the Hobart champion 4500. I use the Hobart 4500 and it runs my miller 180 auto set. the Hobart cost me here in canada $1300.00 I think the miller 185 DX was $2500.00. but you need to consider what you want to do. do not weld all day every day so I can get buy with the 4500. if you are planning to do a lot of welding maybe a Hobart 10.000 or a miller bobcat. diverdown
        2001 dodge 4x4 welding truck.Hobart champion 10.000 miller 180 auto set with spool gun.SIP 25 amp plasma cutter. Miller Diversion 165 Tig. 1996 28 foot Bayliner to haul diving and welding equipment around the lake.