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Problem with Hobart Handler 140

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  • Problem with Hobart Handler 140

    I have a Hobart Handler 140. When the unit was new I had no trouble welding aluminum...but now it beads up and will not weld. I have the polarity set at DCEP, 100% Argon gas, cranked to the max and it cannot run a puddle.

    Is there anything in the unit that would break down and change the polarity?

    Any ideas on this welds steel just fine with solid or flux core wire.

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    With aluminum there are Two things to consider.

    1. Changes in ambient temperature and of the material.

    2. The thickness of the material, aluminum normally requires 1 amp per .001 of thickness until you get into the 1/4" (.250) thickness range.

    What thickness is the material you are trying to weld and is it the same thickness you welded before.


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      Just a guess here, but would dirt and wire residue in the liner cause this? Maybe grab a fresh liner and reserve that for aluminum only?


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        Thanks for your replies...I'm taking these things into consideration and will definitely check out the liner!


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          It turned out to be the liner was dirty (Bad from the flux core) and the O Rings were shot, and the main lead had gotten pulled out enough to see the first O ring. Thanks for all the help. Sorry it took so long to get back. Machines working good again!