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  • stolen

    lincoln weiematic 255 ser # u1981112364 along with my tank, 80cf with jack stamped into neck with 1/8" characters, and flow meter, extension cord... and whater ever else that i have not noticed yet. It was chained to tractor with 1/4 chain and padlock to boot. Stolen from New Bedford MA
    Just figured can't hurt to list as stolen.
    lincoln 255 wire matic
    victor super range II
    weldmate 50 amp (made in England)

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    Sorry to hear that. I've been ripped off a couple times. You might do a search on Craigslist (nationally) once a week for a while, also watch ebay. If you think its a "might be/could be" you could post back here to see if anyone is near that could go look at it (to see the serial #), or perhaps you may now someone in the area.
    Hope you had insurance..Homeowners might cover it.
    "Good Enough Never Is"