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  • Handler 140 problem

    Hello everyone. I have a Hobart Handler 140 wire feed MIG welder and it has been awesome (its seam welded two cars and one roll cage thus far). I just started building a new race car for a friend of mine and now the welder is having an issue.
    When I depress the trigger on the gun everything works fine (it feeds the wire, it activates the arc, and it sends the gas out the nozzle). But now after I release the trigger on the gun the wire stops feeding but the wire/gun is still live (if I touch metal it will arc) and the gas stays on.

    I have pulled the welder apart and I blew it out (we were doing grinding on the car and dust got in there) hooked it all back up and it worked again but after about 2-3 mins of welding it starts acting up again.

    To help diagnose the problem more clearly, when you have the welder apart there is what I would call a large exposed relay that physically moves down and touches the contact point when you hit the trigger and when you release the spring pulls it away from the contact point. When it releases it makes a distinctive noise. When the welder acts up and the gun stays live the release nose never happens (unless I turn the trigger on or off a few times and or give the side of the welder a slight tap).

    Do I need to replace this part, or take it apart and clean the contact points with some emery cloth? Has anyone else had this problem? Hope my post was understandable. Let me know when you can I was hoping to get more work done this weekend but the welder staying active is wasting LOTS of gas and I am almost filling a new 60lb tank every week grrrr.

    - Dana

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    Dana, your contactor (the "relay" you see engage) is sticking. When the contactor is engaged it also energizes the gas solenoid, so that explains your continuous gas flow too.

    Give the folks at Hobarts's tech support a call at 1-800-332-3281 and they'll help you get back on the road, I'm sure.
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