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Problem with hobart 140

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  • Problem with hobart 140

    I've owned and used this welder for 6 years now and been happy as a lark with it, I'm just an amature but it always did the work for me, till now. Lately when I attempt to weld it has a stacato type pattern it seems as though the its on and off with very poor penetration. I've watched the spool carefully and it isn't hanging up, the wire seems to feed smoothly and i've tried varing the wire speed and power setting but no matter what I do It just isn't acting the way it did for the first wveral years. Do these need to be taken in for a tune up once in awhile??? I'm using .0030 wire and tip an while I need a new shielding nozzle would that cause this problem??

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    Have you ever changed the liner in the gun?...also check to make sure the wire isn't sticking thru on the back side and rubbing the case..... check the breaker as well if you have tripped it alot it could need to be replaced....
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      Check your wire tension with the "wood Block" sounds like your wire feed may be to soft.
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        wooden block method????????

        where would I look that up


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          The wood block method is in the owners manuel under threading the welding wire on page 12. However I beleve you have a failed diode on the heat sink assembly. Take it to someone who can test the diodes and go from there.
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