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MM 251 ground wire question

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  • MM 251 ground wire question

    I have a MM 251 with the 30a spoolgun, I would like to lengthen the ground wire to possibly 25-30 feet. I believe it now has a # 4 size ground wire that is 12 feet long. What size ground wire should I use if I just extend the 12 footer? Or maybe I should get a complete new #2 wire and hook it direct to the machine where the #4 ground wire now connects. It doesnt make much sense to hook a #2 to the end of the #4 ground wire. I dont want to move the machine outside to weld on equipment with the spoolgun, the ground cable is to short to reach the equipment, of course the spoolgun cable is 30 foot and no problem with that. Thank you in advance.

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    Easiest thing to do would be to get a chunk of 2 and clamp to it when needed. It will help to upsize the extension if it is being used at the hi end.


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      I think what Cary has suggested is the best approach to take. If you have a permanent 30' length lead I see the possiblity of added inductance to the circuit when the spool gun is not being used. Added inductance is definitely something the MM 251 doesn't need.
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        Dan, my engineer splained something like that to me, one thing I notice is my benches are interconnected by a rod in the floor, the feeders do not like being used on one bench with the ground (work lead) on the other, really stumbles, I move it to the bench or even better to the piece I am working on.