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BetaMig 200 Mig torch? K&K No. 4 MK Connector

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  • BetaMig 200 Mig torch? K&K No. 4 MK Connector

    I was given a broken BetaMig 200 circa 1990. It had a burned up control transformer. I replaced the dual voltage output transformer with 2 separate transformers that give me the necessary 110VAC and 24VAC. It now seems to work fine. The MIG torch is marked "K&K Welding products" on the trigger end and "No. 4 Mk Connector" on the wire feed end. K&K seems to have been absorbed by the Borg that is ITW. I was hoping to buy a new liner and perhaps a few other parts for this torch. Are K&K parts still available? If not, what sort of torch does this welder use? Any help or info is appreciated.
    Frank Howard
    Goshen, Ohio

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    Frank, thats a nice welder you have there. I know cause I have one myself!

    Sorry I can't help you with your liner issue. I'm still trying to find a 10' stinger so I can use .023 wire.

    Good luck!

    Richmond, KY

    Hobart BetaMig 200
    Linde HDA-200 AC/DC Tig/Stick
    Dayton Buzzbox


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      Take the gun to a weld equipment supplier .The K&K is a copy of the tweco unit. If the Tweco liner won't fit replacement guns are available to work on your machine. By the way nice score these machines give a nice smooth arc.