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Buying a HH210 need welding helmet and accessories help....

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  • Buying a HH210 need welding helmet and accessories help....

    I have decided to buy an HH210 from TSC and take advantage of their free shipping and seems like a killer deal. So Being a real beginner I don't know what else I might need besides the obvious protective gear. What about supplies to get started. I figure I might as well order it all at once from TSC so any suggestions for a helmet and other stuff that I should put on my order?


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    If I ever need another AD helmet, it will have 'auto-on'. Mine has an 'on' button and turns itself off at 30 minutes. Every once in a while, it will be 31 minutes until my next weld and I won't notice. Even though it's 100% UV protection, I see spots for a bit.
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      I have an expensive Huntsman AD helmet from a few yeas ago, and was given a Harbor Freight helmet for free. I always reach for the HF helmet. It's a better unit and only about $60. Only caveat is to replace the cra$&y head strap with one from a cheap (but US company sourced) hood.
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        The welder will come with a roll of .030 flux core wire. You'll want an auto darkening helmet, a good pair of welding gloves, and a wire brush. There _may_ be gloves in the box, mine had a really nice pair of Hobart gloves and a cover. I also bought the first of many 4" angle grinders. The first of which had a flap disc installed to clean the mill scale and rust off.

        You may also want a pair of MIG pliers (although you could use any wire cutters) and some nozzle gel. No one ever said this was a cheap hobby


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          I would suggest buying a good size bottle of 75/25 and some solid wire. Make sure if you do to see that the settings inside the welder is set for solid wire before welding with it. All the migs I have purchased have been set for flux core when you first get them.


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            One very important item is a fire exstinger. The Harbor Freight ad helmets really are not that bad for the money. Don't forget safty glasses.


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              I was browsing an old Popular Mechanics collection from 1919, and thought this was pretty slick.

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                Thanks for the input....

                I plan to start with flux core then move on to gas.


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                  All good advice! Good luck with that great new machine.
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