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Hobart Handler 135 Problems AGAIN!

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  • Hobart Handler 135 Problems AGAIN!

    I have owned this Hobart Handler 135 since new. Purchased new from Fleet Farm. I have used this welder approx a half a dozen times on some small jobs. Had to have the circuit board replaced already once under warranty. I spoke with Keith on the phone a few months back and was told that the Circuit Board sounds like it is bad again. I believe I only used the welder two times since having the circuit board replaced under warranty. I was told by Keith that the next circuit board would not be covered under warranty. I now have a welder that I need to use for a project and can't use it until it either gets repaired or I buy one that works. I don't know if I would ever buy another Hobart welder again if I do go buy a new one. All it does now is sits in the corner taking up space and collecting dust. Any suggestions?

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    Did Keith offer any suggestions as to what might be causing a repeat incoming power supply, use to to duty cycle, shorting, etc.??? Sounds like SOMETHING is causing the boards to go out.

    Seeing how this is a rare situation on a Hobart welder, I think its unlikely to be bad solder runs, which is a common problems on some less expensive brands, or defective on board components. Any chance he will let you ship it back for a bench top diagnostic under warranty, then replace the board when they are finished? They are super guys to deal with, so I would think they might reach out a bit further to make you a happy camper.

    My Riland (yes, its Chinese) had me stumped. the Riland guys in California spent time on the phone to walk me through some tests (remove cover, see what various on-board LED's did while doing whatever, etc.) Then, when that didn't solve my problem, let me ship the Plasma Cutter back to them for just such a test. They did a complete bench top, and a cleaning for what I believe was $50.00, as a routine service charge (it was out of warranty)...turns out the whole problem was on my end with a stupid case of "loose electrode" at the cutting end of the torch, which I have re-enacted the fix for a number of times since...which involves me simply unscrewing the nozzle assembly pieces, tighten the electrode, and put it back together...(...and I would have SWORN that I checked that before I called in the first place!!!...but it turns out that's my fix, and it works every time I get the same symptoms!!!!) My little blue (yes, it is the same coveted blue that we all cherish) box continues to serve me well, zipping through many, many feet of steel over the past few years.

    Hobart are good folks. Talk to them right, and I'm sure they will treat you right. I have not heard of a dud since joining this board some years ago.
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      Hobart Handler 135 Problems AGAIN!

      From what I have been told by dealers and by someone at the warranty desk back when the welder first went down is that they had issues with the circuit boards in this particular model and the new updated board that they originally sent me was to be the answer. I know we have no problems on my end other then I have a welder that doesn't work.

      Thanks for your response!