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  • auto body welding

    Hi , I recently started welding 18 to 20 gauge auto body steel using a recently obtained used Handler 140 . I am getting the best looking welds with a number three voltage position , 25 cfh gas and 35-40 wire feed using a thin flexable copper back up . Using .023 solid wire and 75-25 gas . Does this sound right and has anyone else come up with like settings ? Any other tips are much appreciated . Milton in Franklin , WI

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    did you switch this machine for solid wire? that setting is way hi.


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      Just went out to double check , yep , set according to the picture for solid wire . ?? Lower settings leaves an external narrow beaded up weld . Could it be a low supply voltage caused by it being on a 15 AMP GFI cicuit ?
      Last edited by Milton; 11-05-2008, 03:20 PM.