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  • Having some problems

    I am welding some 19ga. metal using a Lincoln 140. Using MIG at the lowest voltage and wire speed at about 25% (about what the door chart says) and .025 wire and tip. Gas is C25 at about 20CFH. I'm having a couple of problems. I can't get very close to some of the places I am welding so the wire stick out is too long. The wire is just melting off in globs and not penetrating at all. Is there some way I can compensate for this without burning holes in the metal? Second problem is the wire moves freely through the tip, but when I finish a weld (more accurately a glob deposit), I can pull about .50" to .75" of slack wire from the tip. Apparently, it is accumulating in the liner. I'm using the liner that came with the machine and the manual says it is good for the wire I am using. That's not right is it?


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    I would consider upping the volts, only to a certain degree though. Gas coverage that far out may be of concern too. Gotta figure a way to get closer, or try using flux core with a smaller torch head, but then you have slag issues.
    As for the wire being able to come out of the gun a little bit, this is normal and should not be considered a liner problem.