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help with tweco gun for century welder

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  • help with tweco gun for century welder

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and have a question concerning a tweco gun for a century wire feed welder. The trigger on my gun is broke off and missing. I would like to (in order) replace the entire assembly if not too cost prohibitive or get replacement trigger and also replace the liner. I'm having trouble finding or identifying what the correct parts are so hopefully you can help. I believe the part number for the entire assembly is 35-230C, and the liner is 45-40. It is approximately 8' in length though if I am able to replace the entire thing and a longer length was available I would prefer that. I am attaching pictures detailing the above mentioned part numbers and the broken trigger assembly.

    Thanks in advance, Mike

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    more pic

    more pics of the gun


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      Lincoln Electric now owns Century Welders and should support your welder with parts.
      This link might help.

      Any decent welding supply local or on line should sell you a replacement torch for your welder.


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        Lincoln Electric sell these guns complete. Part # 238-155-000
        Or tweco parts. 2000-2090 for trigger assembly
        1400-1133 for a .035 liner.

        any local weld supplier should be able to get these for you. Welcome to the world of wire welding.


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          You're awesome old fart! That's exactly the info I needed!