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HH 187 on Sale!

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  • HH 187 on Sale!

    Hi Everyone,

    I bought my HH 187 yesterday. They are on sale at Tractor Supply for $599. From reading this blog, that seems to be a good price.

    Happy Shopping,


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    also got mine from tsc for the same price about 3 weeks ago


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      Bought mine yesterday! Good deal for sure.


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        Plus, I got a catalog in the mail from them today with a 10% off entire purchase coupon!
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          You will all be very happy with the HH 187, it's a nice welder. I have purchased several items from Tractor Supply and have been very happy with them. I have dealt directly with store manager on a few items I bought there such as with a HH 175 from them several years ago, I didn't need all the extras they were selling in the package deal so got my welder quite a tad cheaper buy not taking all the other goodies that they were selling in the package.


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            For those of you looking, I was at TSC yesterday and they had the 187s for $599, which was not even supposed to be a sale price. On that same day price online was $669, but I notice today the online price is back down to $599. Maybe it is the recession.

            As far as coupons go, I signed up for the catalog over a year ago and bought my HH 140 from them. I have yet to receive a single mailing from them, except email. When I bought my 140 from them, I had to ask the lady behind the counter for a coupon and she gave me one, which was nice. Where is my coupon

            I also notice that ToolKing has started listing the 187 Refurbished "A" on eBay for $519+$59 shipping. Not as good a deal as they used to have with free shipping, but I know Hobart raised the list price recently. I called ToolKing and they said they had none in stock - I guess they are just putting them on eBay instead.
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              Oh man can't they have a HH210 for around that?
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