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I fried my cable

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  • I fried my cable

    I have a reconditioned Hobart Handler 125, purchased in July of 2008. I had a problem with the original gun/cable which Hobart replaced under warranty with no fuss. However, the replacement that I received had about two inches of exposed wires at the gun end of the cable. I figured this was only a cosmetic defect, or Hobart would not have sent it that way. Plus, I was anxious to get back to work, so I overlooked the defect and used the new gun. Big mistake.

    Recently, the exposed liner contacted the item I was welding. The resulting short circuit partially melted the liner, the gas tube, and the insulation around the wires (it actually caught fire). I'll try to insert an image below, but if that doesn't work you can see it at

    About a week ago, I used the "contact us" page on the Hobart website to ask for another replacement under warranty. I did not receive a reply, so I tried again a few minutes ago. Is it unreasonable for me to ask Hobart to replace the gun/cable? I can see how they might expect me to have returned the bad cable they sent me without trying to use it, but in my view I actually tried to do them a favor by accepting it and trying to "make do" with what they sent me. If they won't replace it, I'll probably try to repair it somehow. Either shorten the cable by about six inches or try to replace the liner.

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    Nice try!


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      All my fault then?

      OK, new liners are cheap enough. I'll live without the gas tube. I just have some doubt that I'll be able to push a new liner through the cable without having it hang up somewhere. Anyone ever done it?


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        Dude, you posted it nearly 8pm on Friday night and you sound like you're impatient that no one has responded by Sunday afternoon... Give the Hobart people a chance to come to work Monday morning and read this.
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          Originally posted by MarkLTX View Post
          All my fault then?

          OK, new liners are cheap enough. I'll live without the gas tube. I just have some doubt that I'll be able to push a new liner through the cable without having it hang up somewhere. Anyone ever done it?
          Living without the gas tube restricts you to flux core welding. I would bite the bullet and get a new gun/cable assembly. If you opt for a new liner, it is done all of the time, but the melted gas tubing may cause some problems feeding it in your case.


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            Why would you use something that was possibly defective? Chalk it up to experience and buy a new gun OR go through all the trouble fixing it but IMHO you'll end up spending more in the long run. Just my penny's worth.
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              Attn: Hobart Experts

              This is posted as a FYI for the hobart staff/ customer service.
              I had a similar problem while using my HH 125ez. The cover on the gun lead seems to be a little short, and will work its way back and expose a gap between the gun handle and cable cover (like what is pictured). The cable cover seems to be a little short and a gap opens up between the gun and cover, exposing the liner. Now I noticed this and did not burn the cables and tubing inside, but it seem to be a problem with the cover not being long enough. I did work the cover back down to the handle, and it seems as if the cover is barley long enough to go inside the gun handle.
              So my suggestion is to make the cover about 1" longer so it stays inside the handle of the gun better.
              So my suggestion is that hobart lengthen the cable cover by about 2". I think this would solve this problem.

              To the OP, it would not have made a difference if the plastic cover was all the way up to the handle. When you drag it across a hot weld it would have melted right on through the plastic cover, and then still melted your gas tubing/cable. And by the look of the streched out liner, the cable was pulled on pretty hard.
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              Originally posted by scab
              If you are the type of person who gets upset at things breaking brace yourself for possible dissappointment.


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                It looks to me to be a very badly designed gun, we have similar guns in australia and they are rubbish, do yourself a favour and buy a better quality gun, you may have to buy an adaptor to fit one but in the long term you will be a lot happier!!