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Voltage setting on CP-300

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  • Voltage setting on CP-300

    I was wondering what kind of a difference there should be between the static voltage setting and the "while welding" voltage reading on the voltmeter.
    I'm assuming the settings recommended by Miller are "in use" numbers.
    My machine has slightly higher static volt readings on the voltmeter than on the voltage slide gauge, which I realize is just a reference.
    When I set my voltage to 21 on the slide the voltmeter registers 25 when the contactor is engaged and not welding. While welding the voltmeter drops to 20v.
    I was wondering if this is expected to happen. Welder works great. Just wanted to know so I can use the voltmeter to reference my favorite settings.
    Linde HDA -200 TIG
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    Thats normal on any CV machine


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      Yes, CV welder's voltage droops a little under load.

      CC welder as used for stick welding would have 50 to 100 volts no load drooping to 17 to 40 volts while welding.