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Problems with New 125EZ

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  • Problems with New 125EZ

    I just bought a 125EZ and its performance is somewhat tempermental. Sometimes it performs awesome, and sometimes the wire shunts into the work piece as if the voltage is way down creating a splatter mess. I can't seem to figure out what the cause is since it is inconsistent. Could it have something to do with the home's power supply?

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    yes it can be the power supply.
    Are you using an extension cord?
    I would runn it on a 30 amp breaker with 10 ga wiring. I have a special 110v plug dedicated for that welder than is 10 ga wire and 30 amp breaker. I had problems with mine that turned out to be I was using a long extension cord that was to small ga.
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      Originally posted by superpilun View Post
      Could it have something to do with the home's power supply?
      It certainly could. First thing to do is try it from a different outlet on a different circuit to determine if it works OK there. Could be loose connections in an outlet, at a breaker, etc. Also check your supply voltage at the outlet.
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        Thanks for the tips guys. I talked to tech support and they said you should have a dedicated circuit of at least 20 amps with a suitable extension cord if needed. He also mentioned that the drive roller tensioner should be just tight enough so the stud is flush with the top of the nut, and that the spool brake should be just tight enough to keep it from free spinning.

        I was using a 15 amp circuit but i saw a few 30 amp circuits in my breaker box. I'm going to try a 30amp and get a beefy extension cord. Thanks again.


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          Try it without any extension cord to see if its working, on whichever circuit you use.
          Also, I suggest the "block of wood" method for setting the drive roller tension...hold the gun about 1 1/2" from a piece of 2x4, or whatever...pull the trigger...the proper tension will push the gun back. if its too loose, the wire will just stall against the wood,but not push back. If it starts out pushing back,, relax the tension bit by bit until you get to the point where it pushes back, but not much tighter.

          Remember, its usually the simple stuff!!
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