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Short circuit or globular?

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  • Short circuit or globular?

    Have a question for the mig experts out there. I am interested in opinions of what type of metal transfer is taking place under the following settings: 24V, 460 ipm wire speed, .035 Superarc wire, 75/25 gas mix. Machine is an ESAB 250 inverter multiprocess. A coworker says that you can't have short circuit above 22 volts ( he got that info from a mig video). It appears to me that its a high end short circuit transfer, can't see large droplets and there's no excessive spatter. Opinions?

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    I tend to agree that you're at the "upper limits" for short circuit transfer. In fact, on my MM251, the upper limit shown on the parameter chart for .035 wire is 23.5v/475ipm. When you go into globular transfer, I think you'll know it from the increased splatter.

    Also, I think, your use of C25 covering gas is a factor in preventing your welder from going to globular transfer.

    Heck, just for giggles, why not try increasing your volts to 25 or so and keep increasing your ws until it goes into globular transfer. Then you'd be able to show your buddy the difference.

    Just my .02.

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