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Good price for a handler 135?

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  • Good price for a handler 135?

    I have a chance to pick up a handler 135 for $300. Its in great shape, and comes with a autodarkening helmat, a regular helmat, two spools of wire and the gas hookup. I'm just a beginner welder and was wondering if this is a good deal?


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    Welcome aboard, Lucky.

    The HH 135 is discontinued, but sold new for around $480. It was replaced by the HH 140.

    The 135's are great machines. But you will be limited in what thicknesses you can weld without pre-heating. 3/16" is about the limit for mild steel, but you can get thicker with proper joint preparation and multiple passes.

    If you are totally new to welding, I'd recommend that the first money you spend is for a welding text like "Welding Essentials" from the local bookstore. It will answer a lot of questions that you haven't even though of yet, and will save you some money when you start buying welding gear.

    There's a lot more t it than just a machine and a helmet!

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      You didn't tell us what you want to have the ability to weld.

      Also, check places like before buying used machines. They have reconditioned Hobarts with a warranty for great deals.