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Hobart Hefty and stupid Bob trick, HELP!!

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  • Hobart Hefty and stupid Bob trick, HELP!!

    OK, I took my perfectly working Hefty feeder to work to hook up to our Miller single phase stick welder. I wanted to add a platform for the bottle of C-25 so I put it in CC mode, hooked it DC electrode positive and did all the normal stuff I do at home on my POWCON. BUT, I hooked the ground, the voltage sensing clamp to the welder as that was what i was to be welding on. It immediately blew the big 1/8 amp 250 volt slow blow fuse. I replaced it, hooked it to another piece of work unrelated to the welder and all I get is wire feed. I get no arc and no gas solonoid action? I get the same with my POWCON now at home. Any idea what fried? How to check it? MAC????
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    No contactor

    Remove the wire spool and take off the inner cover to expose the circuit board(s). The smaller one is the contactor drive and solenoid driver. There should be a fuse on it if my memory is correct.