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Mig welder will not make bead

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  • Mig welder will not make bead

    I have a linde 225 Migmaster welder. For some reason, when I try to weld, the arc spitters and stops but I can not make a bead. If I turn up the heat, or try it for more than a few seconds, the wire glows red hot from tip up into the gun then sticks. I think the only thing that has changed is that I got a new gas cylinder. I would appreciate any advice possible.



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    Any chance you got a bad cylinder of shielding gas? I know it is rare, but does happen from time to time.
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      Check for any poor electrical connections on your work lead or on the gun lead assembly side.

      Might be time for a new contact tip.
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        wire melts

        This is a classic problem. the power cable is not attached to the gun tube so the weld wire must carry the current form the drive roll to the work and can't do it . Take the gun apart and see if the cable connections are intact.


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          Thanks for the input, still need help

          Sorry for my slow response but I did get back to the welder last night. Your description of thw wire carring the current sounds dead on. I could not find a loose or poor cable connection within the gun. I should have mentioned that I have the same situation when I use a spool gun off the welder. I cleaned/checked the ground connections within the welder. I did find a loose power connection at the heat selector switch and cleaned it, but still had the problem last night. Should I try cleaning all of the big power connections within the welder or are there any obvious other areas. Thanks for the help.


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            is the ground lead hot????


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              Man did I read this post wrong. I thought it said Mig will not make BREAD. I thought you were going to brag on all the features your welder has.

              Can’t help with a solution.

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                The next place to look is the contactor points. Take the cover off and watch the contacts while trying to weld, if no sparking or glowing at the contacts then they are ok. Weird things happen if the gun trigger wire touches the main power cable in gun. Try removing the gun and running the spool gun. If it still wont work test the diodes. Disconnect each one and check with a meter.
                Good luck.
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                  How well does it work if you don't make contact with metal? and try moving the grip
                  Your problem sounds too easy, I would say bad gas or feed problems
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                    Sounds like a wire feed problem to me.

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                      Think I had/have a couple problems

                      I retried the spool gun now that I improved the connections on the ground lead and one power connection. It seams to work fine now. The mig gun is still burning back but I think it is a feed problem. I noticed the wire sticking ocasionally just running the spool without welding. I am going to try a new liner if I can get one for an old Linde/esab MT 200 gun.

                      Thanks for all the help.