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Wall mounted folding weld table?

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  • Wall mounted folding weld table?

    The house my wife and I will be getting, has a two car garage. Two separate doors, one with an opener. I am unsure of the garage dimensions, however at the moment it's not insulated (will be insulated this summer). In the future I may extend the garage further back for a workshop area but that could be a 5 year plan. So for now I want to have a welding table that is wall mounted and folds out. Maybe 4'x8' with supporting legs. I haven't found any plans anywhere for such a table. Any thoughts on how to go about with this? Needs to support maybe 500lbs or more, without damaging the studs in the wall. Wall studs are standard wood 2"x4", 16" on center. Thinking maybe some sort of hinge on every stud that this is mounted too?

    Table would be made from steel tubing and maybe expanded steel. Want to make it as level as possible.

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    Has no one made a wall mounted folding work bench or weld table before?


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      To me the size and wall mount is impractical design and may be a bit dangerous..... Better solution may be smaller table and/or maybe a folding one that can go against the wall....Do you really need a 4x8 table?....
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        I agree with Dale, a moveable table is a "BIG" advantage. Regardless of what material You use for a top, be sure to weld some type of support to the underside to prevent warping. I have a small garage as my shop and my table is a 4 x 4 x 1/4 thick top. I did not weld any supports to the underside and it now has a slight bow in it. For longer items I have 2 sturdy rectube horses , 3 12ft lengths of 2 x 6 and 2 sheets of 4 x 8 OSB. I just fabricated a 6ft x 12ft panel for a customer on it. Click image for larger version

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          I'll be working out of a standard 2 car garage with two standard size doors, so I believe its 24'x20'. 4' to 6' long is what I'd like to work with and 30" deep is where I'd like to be at. A moveable workbench would be ideal, but I'm not sure if at the moment it'll that doable, just due to the amount of space available. For the time being I'll also be limited to 120 volt power, until I can get estimates from electricians to do up the garage with a dedicated breaker box and get 240 volt out there.