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Create a Bootable USB Drive - Win32 Disk Imager

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  • Create a Bootable USB Drive - Win32 Disk Imager

    Although several tools allow you to make a bootable USB drive, I regularly use Win 32 Disk Imager. Win32DiskImager is a utility to create any sort of bootable USB media, whether pen drives, memory cards or hard drives. Additionally, it does it easily, quickly and economically.

    So I advise you to follow this tutorial by creating a bootable USB drive of your operating system, whether you just bought a computer or not.

    To get started, you need the following.
    • A USB Device
    • Bootable ISO image of the Operating System that you want to install or test
    • Computer ready to boot from USB
    • The Win 32 Disk Imager application

    After downloading Win32 Disk Imager, simply plug into your USB device and it will automatically recognize it. Then, select the ISO image file that you want to install and the software will care for the rest.

    The best thing about Win32DiskImager is that it is fully open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to developing it.

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    Garbage, would not be surprised if it contains a virus ...Not needed here ... And it can destroy you computer's operating system and cause all data to be loss if goes haywire....
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      The OP definitely needs to be banned ASAP!
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