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Portable band saw or plasma cutter

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  • Portable band saw or plasma cutter

    I am up to spend a little money on another tool. I am new to welding and fabricating so I am buying new tools as I can afford to. I mostly use 1.5” and smallest tubing for my fabrication and very little plate as of yet. I have a Hobart 140 so I use mostly 1/8” thick material. My question is (in your opinion) would I be better off buying a portable band saw or a inexpensive 120 volt plasma cutter.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    Completely depends on what cuts you want to make and especially on what other cutting tools you already have.

    Do you already have a chop saw or stationary band saw for your tubing?

    What about a metal-cutting circular saw? That gets more use on tubing than any other say I own. My portable band saw is the least used saw.


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      I have DeWalt chop saw (actually should have gotten cold cut) and a really old Craftsman horizontal band saw, best in my mind for cutting round or square stock or tubing (like the "clean" ends) ... If I had choice, plasma would be best for plate over oxy/acet torch but since I have oxy/acet torch...

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