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  • O&A bottle sizes

    Hey folks, Im building a welding skid to go on a 16 ft flat bed trailer, what size bottles are you guys running for a trailer type set up on your O&A bottles ? Im about to build some bottle racks and was wondering what size to get, I will be leasing both bottles so i wanna get the best deal i can. I also work at a fire department and I know we run Y size oxygen cylinders on our ambulances and thats about as tall as I wanna go. What size acetylene should i be looking at ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Would be easy to make rack to accept largest size oxygen you will ever use (9-1/4 inch) and be capable of actually clamping in smaller cylinders (7 inch +/-).... Largest acetylene is about 12 inches with smaller 6-7 inches...


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