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Have You Seen My Tool 005 – Chassis Punches

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  • Have You Seen My Tool 005 – Chassis Punches

    The intent of the video series titled "Have You Seen My Tool" is to provide a review for new tools and also expose tools traditionally used in one field and reveal how they may be used by others. This week’s tool is chassis punches, a better way to put large holes in thin material.

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    I have, I believe looked at most of your vids.
    It's obvious you know what you're doing, and get good results.

    I'll be honest with you. . . . .
    When I click Weldtalk, I find threads from a handfull of guys
    that have become >friends after a fassion<. Some have become close friends.

    I log on after a hard day at work, or a Sunday before turning in
    hoping to participate in their explorations, or find they have chosen to
    participate in the exploits and experiments I have put up.

    Some of us horse around a bit, others don't.
    A few of us have actually visited each other, traded, bought/sold,
    or given tools to each other. A very few (in my case) even PM or call up
    to tall like friends about family and or personal matters >like friends do<.

    I don't click Weldtalk to be diverted to anyone's U~Tube channel.
    If you "have the right stuff" your channel will take off on it's own.
    It won't need to be advertised here. Watch Adam's vids, {Abomb} or some such.
    His channel works. You are still a total complete stranger as far as I'm concerned.

    I speak only for myself, so .......... Take Care Sir.
    Negative people have a problem for every solution