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  • Welding Table Upgrades

    I did a few modifications to my old welding table recently and thought you all might want to see what I did. These are not original ideas but are my interpretation of them.

    The first is a tray mounted just under the table on two sides to hold small items like a Sharpie or a center punch. I am always loosing these kind of items in the clutter on top of the table and this tray gives me a spot to keep them in site and still close at hand:

    The second is a mid style toolbox mounted to the underside as well. It is just a $40 Craftsman box but it gives me a spot to keep my grinder tools/accessories, grinding disks, measuring tools, etc. close at hand.

    Thanks for taking a look. If you like the videos please take time to give me a thumbs up. If you want to see more projects like these then feel free to subscribe to my channel.

    See you on the next project,
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    That was Cool!

    You remind me of an Old Timer Machinist / Scout Master
    who wore shorts nearly year round, from snow to thaw he wore pants.

    I liked the old guy, but his shorts I never got used to.
    Negative people have a problem for every solution


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      My apologies, I posted the wrong link to the first video. It should have been as follows: