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Languages I'm 2 & 1 on this one.

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  • Languages I'm 2 & 1 on this one.

    I can tell what thay are doing, and what they are thinking.
    I can read the body language pretty good.
    I haven't a clue on earth what they are saying, or even where to separate the words.
    I've watched some vids from Norway and Sweden, and after several views
    it starts to decode a little but not this one.

    Cool sounding tounge thO' I like it.
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    Well...Токарь-расточник is turner-borer in Russian...I had to use Google's translator to get that far. Kinda/sorta think your ancestors may not have been so enamored with the sound of that language.
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      I used to work with engineers who emigrated from Russia. It always sounded like the had a mouthful of marbles when they spoke, even in English.

      But there's a good story here. We made PC Networking software. Nothing military or classified, just commercial stuff... It was in the Early 1990s, and one of our big customers was SAC (yes, the Peace is our Profession SAC). One day SAC calls and has a problem. After several days of not being able to resolve it, they tell us to "send the guy who wrote the software" . So we send Mike to Offut. About when he should of shown up at the gate we get a frantic call... "Who is this! He can't come here!!!!" "Mike is the guy who wrote the software, why can't he go there??" "He, he, he's RUSSIAN!!!"

      Not that had anything to do with the original thread :-)


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        Originally posted by fjk View Post

        Not that had anything to do with the original thread :-)
        I don't it matters much if it does or not.