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the starret book for student machinists (forward)

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  • the starret book for student machinists (forward)

    to you and your fellow craftsmen of the mechanical arts this little book is respectfully dedicated. you are or may soon become one among a group of workers who are making a major contribution to the human progress and achievement.

    the precision worker in metals and materials worthy of the most exacting skill, may well enjoy a constant and enduring pride and satisfaction in his life's work. his is an honorable occupation, one that has steadily and rapidly increased in value to the community and the nation and is destined to play an ever more important part in the future.

    the information available to todays machinist and engineer through the medium of the textbook, reference handbook and trade press is great both in scope and excellence. this book does not pretend to take their place. its purpose, rather is to assist the student machinist in familiarizing himself with the fundamentals of all good mechanical work and to provide him with reference material that may be of the broadest usefulness both as a beginner and as an expert. if it succeeds in accomplishing this purpose, if it adds to your understanding of your craft and to your ability to work accurately and well, you may be assured that the time you devote to its contents will be time well spent indeed.

    a word about that equipment that will contribute so materially to the successful and efficient application of your brain and hand. the tools in a machinists kit are an unfailing index of the character of his workmanship. a well fitted kit of find tools offers the most convincing testimony of a mans value and is one of the strongest endorsements he can have when applying for a job. the possession of a well balanced, well cared for selection of fine tools indicates personal pride in the quality and accuracy of work, a lack of dependence on the pernicious borrowing habit and confidence in ones ability to do the sort of work that demands recognition. the next best thing to having a complete outfit of fine tools is the disposition on the part of the beginner to add to his collection as rapidly as he can afford, never permitting himself to beat the gun by compromising with the quality of his tools.
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    You can read or download the two earlier books that were combined into this book since they are out of copyright. Just click on the book picture.

    The Starrett book for machinists' apprentices

    The Starrett data book for machinists
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      How nice that books are still available.


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        Pretty interesting books, I didn't know about them before. I know how hard it can sometimes be to find technical literature in the public domain, when I was writing an essay on civil rights, I took information from examples at and wrote a paper on them without finding anything good online. Thank you for sharing such invaluable books for me to help me on my journey to become a better person. I'm always glad to hear that people are willing to give away their supply of interesting and useful literature without return.
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