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angle grinder died fix or replace?

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  • angle grinder died fix or replace?

    I have a 4 1/2 inch Dewalt that I have had for a number of years. Works great. The other day while I was grinding it just stopped. It is getting power inside, but that is the most I can figure out.

    Could this be the brushes? I would rather pay $5.00 to fix it than $60 for a new one.

    They look fairly simple, doesn't look like much to go wrong. I guess for $5.00 I might as well try replacing the brushes.

    Anyone with any experience on this with some advice?


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      So, I go out to the garage, because I wanted to put everything back together so I wouldn't lose anything or forget where it went, and now it works. What gives?

      Tool gnomes are messing with my tools again


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        Nothing wrong with a self-healing tool!



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          It's usually the cheapo wire that craps out on me.


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            Most likely cord at tool end or plug end has broken wire. Tool with this problem might start or stop as you flex wire at problem area. Can use meter to test for broken wire that stopped conducting. Fix by shortening cord at tool end or plug end to get past problem area. Buy and install new cord. Some designs allow you to slide new electrical cord into old strain relief at tool end. I use same wire used for extension cord as replacement instead of buying one made for tool.

            Check brush length. They are ok until they are real short. Some brushes will stop working when too short to protect armature.


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              If you have Tractor Supply near you,Here's a deal. You can also get them online, the price is good to some time torwards the end of this month.
              SKU Number: 3910505
              Manufacturers Number: 840776

              Brand : Kawasaki | Type : Grinder | Size : 4-1/2 in. | Max RPM : 11,500 RPM | Voltage Rating : 120 V | Amperage : 4.2 A | Spindle Size : 5/8-11 in. | Warranty : 2 Years

              was $29.99
              PRICE: $19.99

              Kawasaki 4 1/2" grinder

              I bought one and have used it a couple of times. Works well and seems to be well balanced.
              glen, been there, done that and probably broke it!If you aren't on the edge. You'r taking up to much room


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                How were the brushed in the DeWalt? Wear them too far and the armature is history. I like the grinders but they need an eye on the brushes, I have ruined a half a dozen DW's that way. Replace brushes early.


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                  I haven't used the Kaw but the B&D from Walmart works pretty good and is a DeWalt design, I was thinking about getting one to use at my bench where it really gets a workout just to see how long one will last.


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                    I used to use DeWalts, but switched over to the Harbor Freight HD (not the "Drill Master" ones) a couple years ago, with good results . They sound trashier when running, but seem to be every bit as good as the DeWalts. I keep a minimum of three 4/1/2" hooked up (one flap, one cut, one grind) a 5" and 7" flap (but I seldom use the big ones anymore, so they are still De Walts). I always keep one 12 month extended warranty in effect..when one goes to sleep, I carry it in and produce my warranty. HF is very easy to do exchanges with...Good Folks!
                    "Good Enough Never Is"


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                      I have a Dewalt mini grinder and although the motor is working fine, the disc does not turn, it’s as if it has disconnected from the motor, anyone any idea what can be causing this, some help would be much appreciated.


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                        What is a DeWalt "mini grinder?" Questions need to be specific. Any reason you can't share a model number?

                        How old/abused is it? If it's the gearing, you're probably better off replacing the entire grinder. Not knowing what exact grinder it is prevents consideration of the costs or labor involved in the options.