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Milwaukee 6230 /6232 band saw - opinions?

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  • Milwaukee 6230 /6232 band saw - opinions?

    Hello, folks!

    Looking at this on amazon for $199 + shipping. Looks like a good price based on Milwaukee's own site and other tool suppliers.

    Anyone have a reason to wave me away from this machine?

    Just getting started and am collecting up the tool arsenal to go with a new HH187. Already got an angle grinder and chop saw.....

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I just looked at the Amazon ads for these two. The 6230 says it is variable speed. The 6232 appears to be a single speed. The 6232 is actually sold by another company, and they are charging $24 shipping, so they both come out to the same price. The 6230 is sold by Amazon and you get free shipping if you can wait a week to get it, or pay for shipping and get it faster.

    I would go for the 6230 from Amazon. They are really easy to deal with.

    I live in my own little world. That's OK, they understand me here.


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      Thanks, Gila

      just to be a bit more clear, this is the portable band saw........ Amazon reviews are generally good, just trying to pick up on any concerns prior to ordering


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        I have an older Milwaukee 2 speed portable band saw. They are great for small volume cutting, or for portability, but a stationary 4x6/5x6 will be easier on your arms and back, and will allow formore blade control.


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          Visit for quality reviews of band saw machines