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I need a torch cutter

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  • I need a torch cutter

    What do I need to look for? I just need a torch cutter. Doesnt have to be fancy, just be able to get the job done on 3/8 sheet metal or smaller. What all do I need?

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    You need a cutting torch, gauges/Regulators, hose, and bottles. A cart helps, too! You'll also need a striker, a helmet with at least a #5 shield... and NEVER operate while wearing any polyester clothing or sneakers. You will benefit greatly by having someone walk you through your first few cuts...but its all pretty straight forward. Check Craigsllist for used Oxygen/Acetylene outfits...avoid the cute little "tote paks"...because you'll find they run out of gas WAY to quick.
    Go to alocal Welding Supply store and price out an outfit, both with purchased cylinders, and with rented. They will give lots of suggestions and beginner's advice...(if not, you might be better served by another store). This will give you a benchmark to compare other outfits with. Also check the cheapie Costco (or Sam's Club, I cannot remember which) Victor outfit was only $125.00 (gauges, hoses, torch with cutting head and welding tips). Used quality outfits and parts will appear over time, and you can incrementally upgrade iof you wish...but my cheapie works fine!
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      useful websites

      hi stevenf go to for torch setup. got to for tip sizes and etc. cant remember everything . and for wholesale welding supplies i go to they will fix you up right.


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        Hey stevenf, if all you need is a cutting and dont need it for welding then get you a 2 piece tip and use propane instead of acetelyne. Cheaper and you can use the bottle off your grill. Also save you the rent on a bottle of acetelyne. Another thing is that propane cuts cleaner so you dont have as much chipping to do. Take it from an old fitter and get a Victor torch. I have tips that I have had for years. They are easier to clean and to keep in good condition. You will never regret a good torch. Oh and the helmet and no5 lens,,,,, I torch a lot at work and at home and I do all my cutting with clear prescription glasses with plastic lenses. I dont even own a colored lens other than the no9 in my welding hood.Happy cuttin. Harold