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Which bandsaw? Gear head or belt drive?

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  • Which bandsaw? Gear head or belt drive?

    I'm thinking about upgrading from the 4x6 HF bandsaw to a 7x12. Enco is also offering free shipping on these two Turn-Pro bandsaws:

    I'm thinking the gear drive one would be better from the standpoint of quickly changing speeds, no belt to deal with, etc. Drawback is that it offers less speed choices, 3 instead of 4 on the belt drive model. The slowest speed is also 127 SFPM as oposed to 85 SFPM on the belt model.

    They're both on sale for $699 and $749, respectively. So the difference is only $50.

    Anyone care to comment? Anyone have experience with the gear drive model?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I can't say about the gear drive since I've never used one but I bought the Enco belt drive 7x12 a few years ago.
    l learned real quick that if the saw jambs and the belt slips it sounds like an emergency siren.
    I like that sound a lot more than the sound of the teeth being torn from a $30. blade.