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    Originally posted by Brianstick;
    Alot of the Harbor Freight tools are near worthless. Years ago i bought one of their 2 ton engine cranes. After about 1 week of use i noticed several ball bearings on the floor. after an evening of investigating i realized they were coming from the swivel on the rotating wheels. I quickly replaced all 4 wheels on that and on the engine stand that i also got from them which also had the same kind of wheels. Since then i have had no problems with those 2 tools.
    Harbor Freight's tools have improved in quality over the years. About 12 - 15 years ago, for example, an HF hammer drill that I purchased stopped working the first time I used it. HF took it back. Recently, I used a friend's newer HF hammer drill. It performed well and was sturdily built even though it doesn't have some of the features found in more respected brands. Years ago also I bought a pneumatic reciprocating saw. One of its small fastener parts fell off but it continued to work. Since that time I've purchased a few more HF portable air and electric power tools and have not had a bit of trouble with them. I don't use them in a commercial shop, however, so can't vouch for their durability in hard and rough usage.



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      HF tools definitely have their place.I bought 4 of their dial indicators for $6.99 a piece. I use them on the cylindrical grinder at work.The abraisive grinding dust destroys them after about a year.Having that on my machine makes my job easier and our company does not supply them.I don't want to spend $80- $100 for a starrett or a mitutoyo indicator that will end up in the garbage can.So for something like that HF is just fine.