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  • Chop Saw Table ideas

    I am thinking of building a table to hold my Chop Saw any maybe even my Bench Grinder. Space is a bit of a concern but mainly I am worried about catching the sparks. At the moment my Chop Saw lives on the floor near my welding table (such that it is.) I have a square washtub standing behind it to try and contain the shower of sparks.

    Has anyone ever built a table with some kind of a shroud? Almost like a paint booth that funnels down into a bucket or something for the sparks and nasties to collect in.

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    Sounds like you have a start with that wash tub.. if it can handle the weight of the steel you're cutting. Sberry has an interesting design from an oil tank.


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      Mines on a portable stand. I just open the garage door and point it outside!

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        I put chop saws (abrasive, cold-cut, wood cutting) on a hydraulic lift table. I have found that using the abrasive and wood saws outside is good for keeping down smell, dust and sparks. The wheels on the table make it easy to roll it outside for cuts and back in pretty easy.


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          It shouldn't be hard to find a scrap piece of sheet metal ductwork or a portion of an appliance enclosure (microwave oven cover?) that would deflect and contain the nasties.
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            Why not use an inexpensive welding blanket as a back drop.
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              Put you washtub on the floor under table. Stand a sheet of corrugated metal roofing on end it the tub, and against the wall behind the chop saw. Trim to height desired. Your sparks and 'grit' will hit the sheet and fall into tub. Those that don't can easily be swept against the sheet with a bench brush (I have three of the Harbor Freight ones, I really like them!).
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