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    Re Y'all:

    Curriculum welding class on saturday mornings and machine shop on tuesday and thursday nights. While not quite as cool as welding, machine shop definitely has its points. The school's machine shop, in contrast to the nearly new welding lab, is a diverse, if slightly unfocused selection of all sorts of older but very fancy and in some cases highly specialized machines. Much of the stuff in the shop was donated by various large companies when they closed their machine shops, including IBM and Glaxo.

    Our current first main project will be to make a sort of metal bench dog from a section of 3.5" cold rolled steel bloom cut to six inches (and possessing other particular specs). A few pics: This is the horizontal bandsaw going to work on the cold rolled! Its a pretty cool feeling when you hit the buttons and the saw begins to cut the metal.

    Here is a closeup of the action..... kinda reminds me of cutting a salami.... a mild steel salami.... wonder what the garlic content of cold rolled is?

    Here is a longshot of the saw:

    Its supposed to be a 3.5" bloom of steel, but by the time I got on the saw, all that was left was 4" stock. Oh well, guess it just means I'll have to take 1/4" off the surface on the lathe Oh well

    I mounted the piece in the 3 jaw chuck of the above pictured lathe, but only had time to face off the piece.... havent removed the outer 1/4" yet. Its a big monster of a lathe, made in Taiwan (60's vintage?) and according to our instructor, has a rather confounding control layout, but we managed to puzzle it out.

    Here is one of the other lathes... a bit on the smaller side, bit much so for my 4" diamater monster, but a very nice machine.

    There are some really beautiful Bridgeport Mills as well as a CNC lab with some fairly poweful GibbsCAM and MasterCAM driven lathes and multi-tool devices. More tool pictures to follow, especially as I learn to use this new camera.


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    I've been set straight....


    Linguistic mea culpa here.

    I was set straight on my misuse of terminology on another thread.

    That steel salami I was cutting a piece off of is not correctly described as a 'bloom'. It is in fact a 'bar'. I was directed to the site for some more specific info.

    Terminology noted and corrected,
    That is all.



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      This being a manly site, we are all familiar with bars. Blooms are something the wife puts in a vase on the table.
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