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Hobart Mega-Arc 300G and Mega-TIGPAK

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  • Hobart Mega-Arc 300G and Mega-TIGPAK

    I just picked up a Hobart Mega-Arc 300G/Ford motor and Hobart Mega-TIGPAK. No manuals or info on how to hook it up included, so I'm hoping someone can help me find PDF copies of the manuals, especially for the TIGPAK. I have a guess of how to use the Mega-Arc but I like to proceed with caution.

    It looks like the remote connector on the TIGPAK is a round 10 pin. How would I go about finding a foot pedal control that is compatible? (I originally typed 8 pin and edited to correct it)

    Everything has sat indoors about 6 years without use. Anything in particular I should do before start up besides drain out the old gas and put in fresh gas? It looks like the tank valve was closed and the machine ran dry so hopefully the carb is good to go.

    I have 3 welders in my shop already, so I know the basics, but this is my first welder/genset.

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    I called the Hobart literature department number and a very nice woman emailed me both of the manuals I need. Fantastic, I hope she gets a raise. That was the easiest thing I've done in awhile.


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      Welcome to the board.....

      Good for you!.... Hobart usually comes through if they have the data/documents/manuals available.... Yes, usually direct contact is best, Hobart does not seem to recognize the value of monitoring the message board as part of their support system...

      Best support here seems to be from other users with welding experience and Hobart welders faithful...
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