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    Just got my Hobart G-310 running today. I am not sure how the governor is suppose to work on this model. Engine will not rev up when striking and arc. It just has a belt driven governor . Engine speed is just above idle and you can't raise it because governor is holding it there???

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    Finally figured out governor problem. The link between the carb and the governor arm was screwed almost all the way out, because it was in the wrong hole on the governor arm. You also couldn't raise the speed because the link was upside down on the carb which made it work backwards. Finally the governor spring had way too much tension on the spring. After all this it will idle around 1000 rpm and when you push the throttle in the governor will take it to 1800 rpm. I still need a little fine tuning to keep it at 1800 when welding, as it drops from 1800 no load to about 1600 welding.


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      Thank you for the update! That should help someone with a similar problem. Were you able to take any pics? We get a lot of G-310 issues here.


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        Here is a picture of the governor and carburetor after I put things back where I think they should be. The link between the carb and the gov is back to a better length as it was all the way out because it was in the upper hole on the gov arm not where it is now. If you look at the lower end of the link where the 2 screws attach to the carb, it was on upside down, so the gov. couldn't move because it was trying to push the carb against the idle set screw, not pulling it to open the throttle. Finally backed of about a 1/2'' on the gov. tension spring bolt to let it start working at a lower rpm.
        The other reason I knew someone had been working on this is because the Willys heat shield under the carb was put on sticking out, not in over the manifold as it should be.

        I am also looking for a side door for this machine, as one is missing. It doesn't need to be perfect, a banged up rusty one will do, I will fix it. Door measures 49 5/8'' x 31 1/2'' . Attached is a picture of what I need.

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          It has been a year since I got this welder. I went thru all the systems, fuel, cooling, electrical, engine. Gave it a fresh coat of paint. I had to fabricate a new side door, because I could not find an original one. I also put fenders on it. Click image for larger version

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ID:	715385 The machine welds very nice.