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New champion 225 issues

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  • New champion 225 issues

    Bought a champion elite 225 with 10 hours on it from a fella who lives at ~6000 feet who kept it in a garage

    I live at 9500 feet and therefore deal with the cold quite a bit

    The engine hasbeen getting steadily rougher in the 25 hours I've run it. Here are the current symptoms

    Engine will not start without choke when outside Temps are below 40f. Will run for 3-4 seconds at run speed, then sputter (sometimes will keep running) . It runs well at idle speed even cold.
    even when warm, the engine will sputter and backfire through the carb at run speeds, and dies about every third time it's put under load
    when warm, have to crank the engine for 5-6 seconds to start it

    I adjusIes the engine speed best I can, but the fine tune screw seems to do nothing?

    I'm guessing this is a rejetting issue due to the altitude, as things seem to suggest it's running rich

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    Umm the 9500ft elevation may have something to do with it if engine is running rich (less air /more fuel) ... Any notes in manual about operating at high elevation...
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      Not supposed to need a rejet for altitude. Idle and engine speed have been reset


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        When anything isnt running right I take the carb apart and clean.


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          Yeah I did all of that. I flipped the hunk of sh*t and got a lincoln. Never again.