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New Hobart Champion Elite 225 won’t start

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  • New Hobart Champion Elite 225 won’t start

    I’d appreciate some help. I have a new Hobart 225 champion elite with 1 hour on it. I left it sitting for a month while I was out of town and now it won’t start.
    It will crank over and over but won’t fire up. I checked and it has fuel to the carb, it has spark, and when I tried to give it some help with starter fluid it wants to run but quickly dies.
    please let me know what else I need to check or do next. Appreciate all the help!

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    If it tried to run on starting fluid but wont run continuously it is probably not getting fuel through carb...

    I would suspect a fuel problem at carb.... Maybe float stuck closes or dried up fuel clogging main jet.... IF it has drain in float bowl I would suggest you remove and see if float bowl has fuel...
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