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Hobart Champion with ODD issue

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  • Hobart Champion with ODD issue

    I have a Hobart Champion I bought used with an odd issue. Story from seller was the magneto failed and was replaced with the flywheel.
    After it was replaced, the unit would not produce power or weld. I found that the unit WILL produce power, but ONLY if it's turned off???
    The generator has output as the engine spins down when the switch is turned to the off position. If turned back on it will immediately stop producing power, and of course stops when the generator stops turning. At no other time does it have any output over 4 volts at the 110 outlets.
    Have the electrical diagrams and the service manual for the unit... The logic of the start / run switch as shown in the manual doesn't allow this to make any sense. Choking the unit to slow the RPM of the engine has no effect and I don't see it flash up and then stop producing power on startup either. But once I turn it off the output comes on until it stops spinning. I am assuming that it's somehow wired wrong in the magneto / battery charging circuit. Also, it does NOT seem to change the battery. The battery voltage stays around 12 volts after starting which seems odd as well. Any body seen this before and would like to comment??

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    What is the serial number for the machine?


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      serial number lb050853
      noticed tonight that the rectifier/regulator on the engine is only held in place with one bolt. Wondering if it's not grounded and causing the issue.


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        Can you check the fuse F1, it should be on the front of the machine.


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          Yeah, fuse is good... I will check wiring to and from fuse though later tonight


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            So it turns out that if you don't have the rectifier / regulator on the engine grounded, it will NOT produce power on the generator side. Once I ran a wire to the regulator module it was working 100 %. Go figure.