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96 Hobart Champion 16 Welder not welding properly!

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  • 96 Hobart Champion 16 Welder not welding properly!

    Good evening everyone, my name is Cass and I’m new to this group. I’m starting up my welding business here in Florida. I have a 96 hobart champion 16 welder/Generator that I have been working on. long story short did some major work on it and I’m having issues with it not wanting to weld. I have to move the range selector back and forth till it makes a good connection and only welds at max range when it hits a sweet spot! Low amperage range or mid range Will not weld no matter how I move it. Only on high range. Even then its feels weak burning through a 3/32 7018 rod. Who is a “hobart master” that can help me any way they can or knows this welder well? I want to say its in the selector switch, but I have tore it down and cleaned it well. It is old and wore down but not in horrible shape to were it cant make a connection. I have one last idea of replacing the other rectifier after replacing one of the two that was suggested by hobart techs. I”m running out of things to do to it! Any help will be grateful!!