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Hobart g-223 welder parts information

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  • Hobart g-223 welder parts information

    I purchased a Hobart G-223 at an auction. Engine ran so I (assumed it would weld) I was getting a tiny spark on the rod after I cleaned it up but then found that the coil (Part AAW-3944) had a break in it. I need to know if there is anything I can replace this coil with that will make the generator weld? The parts manual does not give me any information concerning amperage or voltage for the coil. The coil is a flat metal coil.Any help is appreciated.

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    A pic is worth 10,000 words so I have to assume you're talking about the fine amp adjustment rheostat or potentiometer. A friend went thru a long and fruitless search for a replacement for the one on his G-213 and finally had to get one as close as he could get in resistance and current.


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      There is no replacement for the ballast resistor on this unit. This is not an off the shelf part and was built by Hobart Brothers 30 years ago. that part was discontinued in the late 80's. Your only hope would be a used one in good condition. These were used on the G223, 235, 213, 203 and others. If it looks like the one you have it will most likely fit.