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Mig welding with old hobart engine drive?

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  • Mig welding with old hobart engine drive?

    Lets talk GMAW (MIG) welding with the old Hobarts engine powerd welders.

    I've been looking into geting a wire feeder setup for my Welder model: G300 Spec: 4152

    I have seen talk that welding with a CC (Constant Current) is do able but not recommended or very practical. So that leaves me with trying to get a CV (Constant Voltage) set-up.. Loncoln electric sells an CV adaptor for thier generator welders is it possible to put the one for thier SA-300 on my Hobart machene or is thier other and better options?

    I mostly want it for using DS-Flux-Core and Alunimum MIG any and all help is very apricated, thanks.

    Pictures of my Hobart attached.

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    I think I would have lost that bet? But I don't know? Can't help you, but my out of the blue guess was sure why not? Then I googled this link and I don't know? That's quite the unit just the same. Hope your sucessfull.


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      Just run a suitcase welder with a voltage sensing wire, problem solved.