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Lincoln Electric Weldenpower G8000 115/230v outet problems

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  • Lincoln Electric Weldenpower G8000 115/230v outet problems

    I have an older model Weldenpower G8000. The unit welds great and runs beautifully. The front 115v outlets work fine and produce a little under 115 volts at high idle. The problem I am having is with the 50 amp115/230v outlet. The outlet is a NEMA style and has 4 wires running to it. From my small amount of electrical knowledge I know that there should be two 115v legs, a ground, and a neutral.
    One of the legs is powered from the other 115v outlets and reads 115 volts on the volt meter. The other leg comes directly from the generator stator and reads right around 230 volts on my volt meter.
    Can anyone please tell me if that is normal for these older gen welders. If so how would you power anything using that plug. If this is not normal does anyone know why you would get such a high voltage reading from the generator stator. Thanks!

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    You need to tell us what you are referencing when you tell us what voltages you are reading.

    Your two poles will read 230V to each other, and each will be 115V to ground or neutral.

    Are you saying you have a leg that is 230V TO NEUTRAL?


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      Correct, one leg is 230v to neutral. The other leg is 115v to neutral. When you test both poles together the voltage drops to around 80v not quite sure how or why??


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        Check the neutral to frame for voltage.